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in     by Administrator 10/21/2016

You just spent the last hour washing and detailing your vehicle, only to reveal that big scratch in the hood.  When did that happen?  How did it happer?  There are many small issues, if not properly taken care of, that can lead to big headaches.  Daily UV rays from the sun can do a number on our clearcoats.  Moisture can penetrate the smallest chips and lead to rust.  Incompatible paint products can lead to peeling.

As winter approaches, try your best to keep your car clean from salt and debris.  Park your car in the shade as much as you can in the summer.  Don't follow that 18 wheeler too close and avoid those rock chips.  Not every paint problem can be prevented or explained, and need to be corrected before they spread.  Trust that we can take the proper steps to repair your vehilce and get you back on the road...headache free!